Google AdSense

Out of complete desperation for money I decided to add Googles "AdSense" to my blog. I really don't know how much money I can make out of it.. I guess that means I should find some more followers to follow this lame blog which I have really been censoring and am getting really tired of censoring. Thats all. 

This past weekend was the Dipsea race from Mill Valley to Stinson... James ran the race and placed 164th out of maybe 1800 people? I say that with a question mark only because I really don't know but I know that there are open runners and it it probably close to 2000. Here are some pictures from the race that I took and that are truly sad only because I couldn't figure out how to work the camera and didn't get a good shot of James running. However, Lia met some really ugly Cavaliers with bodies that resembled a foot stool. I know, totally random. 

And above is that guy who collapsed... 

 The winner of the race, Pilcher!

 My only picture of James (sorry!)... the backwards hat