Did I miss something?

Is it just me or do we live in an expensive world (I know it is)? As I check out my favorite blogs I notice a trend -- young, hip, stay-at-home moms. How do they do it?

As I approach the child bearing age, I find myself ready nowhere near ready to have a family. I've just applied to graduate school and I have another three years, at least, invested in school. When I read these blogs and see these women posting babies and travels and a picture every hour of the day from their $5,000 digital SLR with a different lens for each picture I can only think, did I miss something? I only wish sometimes people could be honest about life and share their hardships along with their triumphs.

My hardship right now, as stated before, is getting into graduate school (first world dilemma); it comes with a pretty penny and I don't have those pennies.

Here is a photo of how I feel...see that mountain? I want to get there, but I have this long road ahead of me and I can only go 5 MPH.


What apps do you have?

Last night I spent the entire night babysitting two kids who just played on their i-products. Apple should just make an "I-sitter" that straps around the neck of a child with the camera streaming to their parents I-phone. So while the kids ignored my dumb jokes I snuck away to the couch to play on my very expensive phone, why not, right? I only spend $100/month on it (yes, sarcasm). Although I love IG (Instagram) I tend to get dizzy from scrolling through photos- maybe Pfizer will make a Rx for that soon. I downloaded the NBC app a few months ago and last night I was highly entertained by two episodes of Parks and Rec (best show everrrr). The quality is fantastic although you do have to sit through the most boring Verizon commercial that replays four times throughout the episode. The app has a lot of different shows to scroll through and watch full episodes which I am sure engage the loveley Verizon commercial as well. I loved the Pinterest app but it had way too many bugs and I always "ran out of pins", how is that even possible to run out of pins. Here are some things I pinned and agreed, they're not as campy as they could be:


How to Make-up

Why is being a girl so difficult? I have been trying to figure out how to apply make-up properly for the past 20 some years. Lately, I have been looking at blogs and seeing what products are the "hottest" but then I can't help but wonder- do they really use them or are they advertising? Sephora probably has me on their "most returns" customer list. Returning products has become a new hobby for me (don't get me wrong, I hate it). To mask my make-up fiasco, look at this cute ring

I love everything at by boe! So simple and so clean, just how make-up should be applied!