husband and wife.


Two women in their mid-40's are shoe shopping when woman 1 puts on some sexy high heels. Woman 2 says to woman 1, " Wow, I have never seen you in those type of shoes before."

Woman 1 replies, "Ya, I haven't had to wear them but now that I am divorced I have to look good."

Woman 2 chuckles, "Wouldn't it be so funny if you run into so and so (ex-husband) and he see's you looking fantastic!"

True story, my aunt had told me she was laughing at these two women talking while she was shopping. As she was telling my mom and me the story I thought to myself, why do women (and men) go downhill after marriage? I would be so pissed if my husband gained 100 pounds and didn't care about his looks or more importantly his health. I find that a lot of people want to look good after a divorce but what's so wrong with wanting to look good while you're still married? Why not wear some sexy shoes for your husband? I understand there are circumstances for why we all lose our figure but most of the time I find that people are just darn lazy and make excuses for everything. I may not be married but I understand the importance of physical attraction and making sure that you keep your relationship hot! Come on people, lets stay sexy!


I'm getting older post.

It's funny how as children and teens when we are asked our age we add months to our years to appear older. I can remember when I was 20 I was kind of embarrassed to tell my age because I wanted to be older, I mean who really has any respect for a 20 year old? JK...

I thought that my five years in college was a waste of my time and if I thought a lot more practically I could have been in a better situation instead of feeling the regret I feel now. I have made the decision to go back to school a week ago and nothing feels more right. Sometimes we often look back and hate that we couldn't fix a bad decision but no decision is a bad one, it's just a little detour in our lives. It took me a few months of stress and painful sleepless nights to accept that where I am in life is exactly where I want to be and I have the chance to make things better before they can get worse.

When in doubt, sit down and ask yourself, "what do I have to lose?" Although age can seem like a ticking bomb especially when you're constantly seeing past friends "ahead of you" and getting everything you may want, you just have to know that there's something out there for you. It's really about relying on your own judgment and having faith in yourself -- And that's how you know you're getting older.


Recession Idea #1

I remember my cousin-in-law asking a restaurant for a Filipino discount earlier last year. Now, you ask yourself, what the eff is that? Well, it is what we Asians do when we are stretching our dollar. When in doubt, always ask for a recession discount.


blog changes

Due to popular demand, this blog is here to stay. Although I enjoy using Wordpress settings and site in general more, people have told me to STFU and not leave this blog.