Home Spa.

Here's a great recipe for a great DIY exfoliator. Vitamin C, in crystalline form, and Cetaphil gentle cleanser (make sure the Vitamin C contains only Vitamin C, some brands may have another ingredient); mix together until you get a paste and gently rub on face avoiding eyes. Rinse with warm water, you will feel the crystals beginning to kind of melt away. Vitamin C is wonderful for your skin and Cetaphil is so gentle that this combination is perfect for the most senstive skin types. I get this Vitamin C from, you guessed it, Whole Foods Market.

wheres the sun?!

Here's a little sunshine.


wannabe lunches.

Today I started off the morning babysitting and I started the morning off late so I only had my coffee for breakfast and an apricot and berries.

I made sure to pack a huge bag with really random food items like a tupperware of about 2 cups of left over cous cous from the night before. I told myself that I would find something to mix it with once I got to work. Who was I kidding? I didn't have anything at work! I stopped by WFM on my way to the office and looked for the cheapest healthiest cold case side; I settled with "cabbage crunch" (green cabbage, slivered almonds, black sesame seeds, and green onion mixed with apple cider vinegar & honey). I also bought two bags of frozen edamame because it was on sale for 1.69, originally 1.99. Frozen edamame is a prime example of a good deal for WFM. I went to Mollie Stones yesterday and it cost 3.99 for frozen edamame!

I wanted to make sure I had items in the office kitchen so I also bought roasted and salted soynuts to snack on and bananas and spinach for smoothies.

I forgot to mention that when I was home before I went to work I made a little soup. I buy these frozen "chicken and cilantro" won tons from TJs. They're perfect for soups and quick bites on the go and they're not bad you etiher. They have something like 50 calories (it could very well be 150 I can't remember) and 1g fat (0 sat.) for every 9 won tons. Either way, it's not bad. I boil a little beef broth (1 cup), but very little because I usually waste the broth, and mix in ginger, green onion, celery and when it boils I put in the won tons for like 5-10 mins. I top this with Sriracha hot sauce. It's amazing.

Once I got to work I was still a little hungy so I made my smoothie:

2 cups of spinach
1 banana
3-4 frozen peaches
4-5 frozen mangos
2 tbl flax seeds
1/2-3/4 c of water

Blend on low and then high for about 1 minute.

It's kind of sad when you get to work and everyone is ordering sushi lunches while you have to go cook frozen edamame but I really cannot afford $15 lunches everyday. When I went to pick up my bosses lunch I asked for an extra wasabi and soy sauce because I thought it would be a great idea to mix the two with my cous cous. I found this to be an amazing combination! I mixed the cabbage crunch with edamame in my cous cous and added in the wasabi and soy. The combination was almost like eating sushi, you know... once it's all mashed together with your saliva. Haha, sorry total bad taste/image for everyone.

Here's the thing... I find myself into sauces but not complicated sauces, just simple hot sauces like Sriracha and lately I have been really into wasabi. I tend to always stay away from white sauces and things with complicated ingredients.

For my workout today, I went on a quick power walk for 30 minutes with Lia. During a commercial break this morning I did Navasana (yoga pose) and on the next break I did Navasana with a modification of extending my legs out and pulling them back in. I ended my mini workout with 10 push ups. I love using commercials as a timer for my work outs because it really does allow you to enjoy a TV show and get a quick tone up completed. It's only mid-day and I have more of a real workout planned for tonight after work.

In the meantime, find something little you can do if you are sitting at your desk like tricep dips on your chair! Do enough until it burns and booyah, arms are done for the day!



I must say before I start blogging about my diet/exercise that:

1. I don't have the time.

You know how some people seem to have everything planned out and follow the same routine? Well, I am like this 40% 10% of the time while the other 60% 90% is me on the go. It seems normal but it realy isn't and this is all because I am a student and I don't have a normal 9-5. This needs to be addressed because it very much conflicts with my eating and workout schedule. You will see that where I workout, will be anywhere and at any given time. I also rarely have time. My time is my money and sadly, until I have a real career, I will be forced to follow a mad schedule of babysitting, dog sitting, working, and going to school all while trying to maintain good health.

2. I am poor.

A lot of blogs I read display the best meals and the nicest background images which gives me the impression that these writers have enough money for fancy foods, gourmet ingredients, and time on their hands which equals well, time, and time equals money.

I don't need to get into the little details of what I can and cannot afford but let's just say this for the record, I like to spend money on good ingredients when I can because food feeds me and you are what you eat.

People often criticize me for shopping at stores like Whole Foods because it is expensive but I honestly find that Safeway isn't that any more of a deal for savings. I have had to cut out a lot of items I used to enjoy when living with mom and dad like packaged foods, sweetened beverages, etc. For me, shopping at WFM is strictly for vegetables, bulk items, and poultry/meat. Ok, that pretty much listed everything in a store but trust me, you can find deals at WFM!

Now, both of these truthful statements about myself are very important in how I maintain my eating habits. It's simple...because I don't have time and money, I generally spend the quickest time in grocery store buying items I only need and temptations like candy and sweets is rarely an option.

Live and eat simply.


Keeping it real.

For those that know me well, exercise and good eating has been a major part of my life. In recent years, I have had the greatest opportunties working with some of the best lifestyle changing people in the world which even included cooking with a great chef who taught me how to cook simple, 90% raw food meals. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by this every day at work and I want to share what I know with everyone.

I have been asked by several people what I eat, what I do for exercise, and how I manage to keep it altogther. I have been requested to share my day-to-day eating, recipes, and mini workout regimens (since I don't have time to workout for a long time).

Before I begin, I want to make sure everyone has the basics of what I use in my pantry. I usually shop at Whole Foods Market and you can find almost everything I use there. Let's begin with pantry basics:

Ume Plum Vinegar (it's in the "Asian" section)

Toasted sesame oil (I use "Spectrum" brand, oil section at WFM)

*Taco Seasoning Mix (ok, this is from Trader Joes... I buy a lot of these to keep in my pantry, like 5-6 at a time and they're only .79)

CousCous (I buy in bulk from WFM, I usually always have 6-7 cups on hand at all times)

Sprouted Quinoa (WFM, bulk section. Make sure its sprouted!)

Soba noodles (WFM in "Asian" section or get at any Asian market, keep 2-3 packs on hand at all times)

Canned beans (I know, gross.. but I honestly don't have the time to soak my beans and cook them myself. Get 3-4 cans of cannelli, black beans- trader joes makes a great "spicy Cuban style", kidney, garbanzo)

Fresh Spring Rolls wrapping (sorry, I don't know the name off the top of my head but sometimes WFM sells these in the "Asian" section, otherwise they're at the Asian market. They're plate sized and thin)

Kombu (Asian section, it's dry seaweed)

Curry Powder

Sea Salt

Start with these and then we will get into the vegetables which I highly recommend you try to grow yourself. My garden is very little this year since the weather has not been cooperating. Always grow your herbs (parsley, basil, rosemary, mint, cilantro, chives) as they're easy to grow and always needed! More to come, stay tuned!



Coolest soon five year old out there.


King Charles!

The dogs just lounging on the couch in the sun today.

The inconsistencies of being 26

I love reading blogs and I find a pattern in the blogs that I do follow; almost all of the writers are in their early 30's living in New York, married, and have young children. Most of their posts are about their children, parenting, and design ideas. None of these subjects relate to me except for the design ideas but nontheless, I still find parenthood fascinating and continue to follow up daily. All of these thoughts made me begin to think about why I blog? Who I want to reach, and the type of message I send out.

I've met a few people at school, and maybe only a handful, who are also confused at where they are in life. When people ask me about my plans at school I usually find myself more and more lost each time I explain them. Going to college for the second time around is exhausting when you realize that the first time was your BS (as my hygenist says, "bull sh*t degree)and then you're back at a junior college with fresh high school graduates.

26 is a weird age. Everyone expects something great out of 26 year old; like a career boost or getting married and having a family. But what if you don't want that, or frankly can't have that quite yet? What if you can't find a career because you graduated at the worst time for the economy, your undergrad isn't enough, you can't qualify for a loan because other people cut in line before you, and you realize you have to start over to be comfortable later on. My parents and older generations probably see these things as "excuses" but I swear, I am working my a** off and constantly wonder when the pay off will be. There is a scene I remember from the movie "Big Fish" where the boys get the option to see how they die through a crystal ball. I always wish that a crystal ball would let me know "it's gonna be OK". If I know that it will be OK then I won't mind going left and right before I can go straight forward.

People tell me to have supportive friends and make sure that you are in a relationship with someone who is understanding. I'm beginning to notice the new paths my friends choose are ones that are single tracks. And although James is supportive 90% of time, it's impossible to find someone who is plenty OK with paying a mortgage alone while you spend half your day studying in pajamas at 4:00 in the afternoon and only having enough time to prepare cereal and a smoothie for dinner.

With that said, I want to attract readers who are also lost or maybe they know the way and want to follow how I will find my way. Sometimes I feel like a lost and found box where I find great plans and goals and then overtime(because of time) I lose interest...or gain interset because of debt. Which brings me to money; this deserves an entire post on it's own but for the record, why the hell didn't my parents tell me that life was so expensive!? Of course, they mentioned that things cost money... but really, WTF.

So back to the topic, because even though I tend to write how my thoughts run through my brain I know I must stay on topic. If you are reading and you have similar "challenges" remember, when in doubt and lost go to school, save all of your money (get an IRA while you still can!), and always read my blogs. Also call your mom, she knows the answers, and always have a stress outlet because when you are confused you are likely stressed and when you are stressed you do nothing good for body especially at a cellular level.

I used to say this all the time so here it goes once more- like water for chocolate and I'm out.


new dwellings.

The home remodel is complete! At around late o'clock last night we finished the littlest of details. Originally we decided no TV in the bedroom but come time to watch Frasier, James went crazy unplugging and moving the TV into the bedroom. Really though, Frasier has got us hooked. I loathed when that show came on a few years back but how could you not fall in love with Niles Crane?

We slept in our new bedroom and on our new bed after watching some quality weather forecast on the news. This whole week before we moved bedrooms we laid there reminescent of all the great features in our bedroom at the back of the house. We became sad that we would be abandoning it and second guessing if we should really switch rooms. Waking up in our new room felt like being on vacation. In fact, before we went to bed James said, "lets pretend we are on on vacation and this is our hotel room." It made me feel better about sleeping in a new place.

Lia, on the other hand was confused. When we walked down the hall towards the bedrooms she trotted swiftly to the old bedroom and jumped on the bed in the dark. We called her repeatedly and found her quickly asleep in her usual place. We moved her in the new room and she looked confused just standing on the bed looking around. Again, she ran back to the old room.

It's time to start my Sunday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend somewhere sunny. Here's some pictures of where summer is always sunny and great...Alabama. We will be there in August!

Lia, as cute as ever smelling the south out the car window

Me laying in Smith Lake

One of the many beautiful rocks to jump off at Smith Lake



Hey look at that, the word paint has the word pain in it too. For two weeks now James and I have been sluggishly painting the interior walls of the house as well as the ceilings. I had everything planned out as today being the end of all painting because today is the day we get our new furniture! Well, it's not exactly new but it will be new to us.

A year ago, I would have thought that painting would be no big deal and that I would enjoy it. Today, I dread painting (Paint Rumba invention ASAP). It's not only the fact that I have to paint but it is also that life just goes on hold when you are doing renovations. I've ignored laundry, dishes, and most importantly my time to exercise and play outside. What is scarier is that I begin to think, "how did my mom do it all?" I have a hard time figuring out how to keep things tidy and neat. I admit, there are times when my room looks like an episode of Hoarders. It's not so much of a problem of cleaning as it is a problem with having enough time.

When does one acquire time management? I know the real answer to this and I know if my mom is reading this she is definitely laughing, more accurately she is LHMFAO. I grew up with the strictest of the strict where if we slept in past 10:00 we were probably in trouble. My mom and dad embedded routine in us wherever they could. What I just can't understand is why we didn't take that with us when we all moved out of their house? It's like we did everything opposite of what we learned.

I occassionally use the "being in college" excuse where it doesn't matter if anything is in order and it also doesn't matter what a dinner or breakfast consists of, it's fuel. In the back of my head I know that having to care for someone else (I was afraid to actually say, a baby) is when time management comes into play which is where this entry ends. No babies (yet) and no time management. Sounds good. (if you know me you know that I will begin doing the dishes and laundry in the next minute). Have a great Saturday!



Amazon is featuring "Adolescents" by Incubus as their free song of the day! I have heard this song a few times now on the radio and how can you not love Incubus? Amazon is pushing for everyone to download their MP3 player so if you don't want it make sure to read the finer print below where it says something like, "skip this step and save on my computer". Ok, go!!!


form follows function

Architizer, word up posted some sweet photos of Pierre Andre Senizergues, founder of Etnies, new house in Malibu (AKA PAS House). I wonder how the acoustics are in this house?



This is kind of cool... make your Iphone into a DLSR! What do you think?


summer souls

Today I purchased Crocs because I am so tired of my feet hurting. The Crocs store had a perfect selection of styles and colors. These flats are called the "Adrina" flats and although they look orange in this picture they are more of a soft pink like a grapefruit color in person. I think they're perfect summer shoes!