This is a photo of my closet organization system which I absolutely love because I hate putting clothes away! I got these S-hooks at Ikea for super cheap (they are the larger size). I pretty much use them for all my pants and clothes that I wear over again, like after work comfy clothes. I like the way the pants look when your closet is exposed and it makes for a fast put away of clean pants!


Outside looking in

26 has brought so many strange thoughts, fears and excitement. I find myself talking to older people wondering what it will be like to be older and how I would feel at that age. My lab partner is a mother of two girls and I just sit there amazed at her life. First off, I don't know how ANY mother can go back to school and be taking upper division science classes that require at least 15 hours of study time outside of class and juggle picking up kids, cooking, etc. This woman is also in immaculate shape and doesn't even look like she would have kids. When I see women like this, I feel so excited to be older because these mothers are beautiful and doing it all.

Children have also been somewhat of a fascination. I am nowhere near ready for creating lives but the idea that you can have these little beings that look exactly like you is so awesome. It probably has something to do with me studying cells...we are created by a tiny little cell! (ugh, that just reminded me to stop writing and get back to studying) A few years ago, when I would be surrounded by a group of mothers in class I would have ran the other way and been annoyed by their stupid stories of summer camps, play dates, etc. Ok, this is off topic but "play date"... can this end please?! I hate that saying. I am sorry if you use it and like it but think about it, did your mom use to say it to you as a child? I know my mom didn't. OK, back to what I was saying.. what was it, oh- let's just say this, I would rather be surrounded by a group of mothers than sitting with the texters and 21 year olds that still write with huge bubbly handwriting and dot their i's with hearts.

As for the fears of being 26, where do I start? I am terrified to do anything that will hurt me. For example, driving fast. This is probably the worst example I could come up with but let's work with it. Last night my friend said she was terrified to go snowboarding, I can maybe agree with it, but I also haven't been in over ten years so yea, I would say I'm terrified. Thinking about how crappy my insurance is too, ugh- it is a horrifying thought. In fact, when you begin to think about your crap insurance immediately after any activity, you have just turned into an adult (you should actually be allowed to vote when this happens, too). That whole turning 18 thing is rubbish.

I have even stopped running because although I love to run, I want to be able to walk...forever, not in pain. We are biologically designed to be walkers anyways, not runners. I am also pretty terrified about "hooded eyelids". I just learned about this term last night but it freaks me out. For those who don't know what it is, it is saggy eyelids. Sorry mom if you are reading this and think, WTF! I love you but isn't it kind of creepy?

As for excitement about getting older (hah, the shortest paragraph on this entry)... Oprah once said 50 is the happiest age in your life, or maybe something like that. Whatever age you are at, it will always be an adventure that creates great memories. I think personally I am most excited about being with my family and seeing the world without stressing about returning in time to study for a final or not missing a class.

It's sunny out! (my transitions are so random, I just got distracted by the sun on my table) Sunny and Sunday, go on a walk, buy a coffee and pick some flowers! I'm going to hang out with my cute little dog all day. If you don't have a dog, go out and buy one. Life is too short to not feel the love from an animal. They're always there for you, no attitude included, and they'll teach you something about yourself you never knew.



It's been so long! I went missing weeks ago because James and I went to Alabama for a vacation at Smith Lake with our good friends and James' family. Since then, I have neglected blogging but I blame it on school more than just being lazy.

I started microbio a week ago and I have been stressed and confused since. In all my years of science classes this is by far the most confusing class. I don't think the information is hard (yet), but my teacher isn't as structured as I'd hope she would be. I have tried to sit and study but I find myself jumping around from text to text looking for the best explanations.

My favorite thing about school is meeting new friends. I have met some of the most influential people in the past two years of junior college. My dear friend Gabrielle has been such a positive person in my life, I really couldn't imagine pushing myself through these hellish semesters without her. She got into nursing school last May and I am so proud of what she has accomplished; she is truly an inspiration. Now that I don't have classes with her I try to find out which new friend will be my Gabrielle. Micro has a lot of great people, in fact, I have noticed that in applied science classes the types of people you meet are some of the greatest people you will ever come across. It's probably due to the commitment these courses require and they type of people they attract (insert bad chemistry joke here).

Ahhh, another weekend of studying- JOY. For people following my really inconsistent food/diet things... here's what I have been doing:

dinner last night was a recipe from Healthy Living, chickpea zucchini cakes with greek yogurt, mint and spinach.

1 can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
small red onion, diced or grated
small zucchini, grated
1 cup bread crumbs
1 tsp-2 tsp sea salt and pepper
1 egg, whisked
Greek yogurt
pita bread
mint leaves

Smash chickpeas in a bowl and mix in breadcrumbs, zucchini, red onion, salt/pepper and egg. Form little cakes to fit into half of the pita bread. Fry the cakes with olive oil until golden brown. I toasted my pita breads and smeared the greek yogurt (I used non-fat) into the bread. Then I put some Sriracha hot sauce, followed by mint leaves, spinach and last was the garbanzo cake.

Breakfast this morning was a yellow nectarine, whole wheat bagel, cream cheese and fresh chives with a large coffee.

The exercise of the week has been road biking to work. Since I really can't keep focus on anything except school (even if it's just thinking about it) I decided to commute to work on my bike. I know a lot of people can't do this but if you can use your bike to go to the store or just ride around for 45-50 minutes a day it is a fun way to keep active. My ride is about 10 miles a day, 40 minutes total, and account for serious wind (I like to think of it as an extra workout).

I hope everyne has a great day at work, school, home, wherever. My sister texted me this morning telling me that the woman in front of her at the coffee drive through paid for her coffee and passed on the message to "Have a happy Friday!", it made me feel warm. My goal of the day is to pass it on, keep the positive energy going and find goodness to pass on to someone today.