Did I miss something?

Is it just me or do we live in an expensive world (I know it is)? As I check out my favorite blogs I notice a trend -- young, hip, stay-at-home moms. How do they do it?

As I approach the child bearing age, I find myself ready nowhere near ready to have a family. I've just applied to graduate school and I have another three years, at least, invested in school. When I read these blogs and see these women posting babies and travels and a picture every hour of the day from their $5,000 digital SLR with a different lens for each picture I can only think, did I miss something? I only wish sometimes people could be honest about life and share their hardships along with their triumphs.

My hardship right now, as stated before, is getting into graduate school (first world dilemma); it comes with a pretty penny and I don't have those pennies.

Here is a photo of how I feel...see that mountain? I want to get there, but I have this long road ahead of me and I can only go 5 MPH.

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  1. Funny you are the first person to say it as it is. I feel the same way, and I have major degrees. But since I started working from home to accommodated my failing health, I read blogs and couldn't understand how they make it either. I don't have kids too after 10 years of marriage just to make sure to do it only when there are optimum conditions. Maybe some people just don't disclose on those blogs that their husbands are the successful ones (paying mortagages and food) and that they have the luxury to stay at home or it's all out of home equity loans or what's not?