King of Thai #1

Of all the foods in the city, noodle soup gets me every time. I am constantly craving noodle soup and best of all, its cheap. I don't usually eat at chain restaurants but King of Thai #1 on Clement street has a pretty good consistency of good Thai food. I have eaten at the other KOT's and they can be comparable but some of them are just not good. And please do not get it confused with Best of Thai on Haight, that place is not good. KOT #1 serves a tasty hot soup like pho but thai style. I wish they served it with tripe though! 
It is hard to find a good Som Tum (papya salad) anywhere! I have to say, the Som Tum at KOT is always consistent. If you like it spicy like I do, make sure to request it very very spicy! We ordered 2 soups and the salad all for $23. Plus, the service is fast! 


Korea House adventures!

little bowls, so cute!
Hot kim chi soup!

Something about little sauce bowls is exciting. I like to see so many options when I am eating which is why I like Korea House. The menu is pretty extensive and pricey. We stuck to kim chi and beef soup and tofu and beef hot pepper marinade dish. All of the meals came with rice and the variety kim chi and some other yummy pickled stuff. The place was really smokey so do not come here wearing a wool coat as I did unless you plan on airing it out in garage over night. The service is slow here, I would make reservations even for two. The atmosphere is really loud and fun! We heard so many random conversations around us we sat in silence laughing at each other over peoples stories. In the end, the food began to taste the same. The kim chi was extremely tasty but not in a good way - too many flavors going on. I would try it out again and order the bbq dinners that come with everything. They are open pretty late too which is always comforting and they around the corner from karaoke! 



Do you like Indian food? I do. 

I'm actually not a big fan of Indian food but when I do eat it I make sure to get it from Sartaj in Sausalito. This is a picture of the spicy egg breakfast plate with saag and dahl. If you like spice and eggs then get spicy eggs. Something about the fresh basil and the eggs make me really happy. The food is like home cooking here which is why I don't count Sartaj as eating out and I never feel guilty afterwards (if you are a calorie counter). 
I usually get the Saag Paneer plate which is saag and dahl with rice and chapati. Warning, if you come here after a shower you will smell of Indian food all day. Make sure to wear something you don't mind smelling for a little while.


mmm.. Nopa in SF has a really good appetizer thats simple and probably not that hard to duplicate at home. Warm goat cheese and beet salad is my favorite appetizer at Nopa. It stayed warm the whole time too! We actually were eating it really fast so it seemed like it was constantly warm. I highly recommend trying this dish (and the lasagna!). If you have never eaten at Nopa here is a tip- call and make reservations a week ahead. We came here on a Friday night at 6 when they opened and were bombarded by people coming off work getting a drink from their fabulous drink menu which reminds me, do not order a dirty martini from Nopa. No bueno. 
I never like to spend my money on beverages but this was an exception. The lime aid from Sol Food in San Rafael is so refreshing! I love how it comes in an oversized glass jar so you know that you aren't just getting a cup of ice.