This is easily the best dish on the menu at Robata Grill in Mill Valley. It's cod but the sauce on it is buttery and amazing. Even the vegetables are marinated in some miso butter. I love coming here just for this meal. 

swine flu rescue



I went a little out of order today with my posts but who really cares. This was breakfast this morning! I love croissants from WFM they are so crispy on the outside and buttery on the inside unlike COSTCO ones which are amazing but not crispy. Who goes without bacon in the morning?! I could eat bacon all day. Eggs by my BFFFF James! He makes scrambled eggs perfect for me. 

I spy a dog in a bag


Dog in a bag

I love this new bag I have for Lia by Wag Wear (I think thats how you spell it.. I am too lazy to get up and look at the bag). The bag is comfortable too so I can wear it all day and keep her in a bag all day like all dogs should be. But really, Lia loves being with me and this increases her time to hang out everywhere. She is my other half :) Don't you love how her leg naturally just hangs out of the bag! I had to hold her head because she kept trying to pose and move her head in different angles. Here is the bag in the color I wish I got: 

They run anywhere from $88-100. I have a size large for Lia she is about 12 lbs and paid $100. Well worth it in the end because when Lia is out of it I can double it as a grocery bag when I am walking around (is that gross? whatever.)

The great grand children

Grandma got to see seven great grand kids! My little niece is the one in the flower dress. They made grandma so happy :) 

The boys of the family

and here are the boys :) Isn't Grandpa cute!

The girls of my family

These are my favorite people to be around! I wish we all lived in the
same city! Being around them makes me feel so close to grandma. All of
our different traits from her come together and it is like she is
right there with us.



I was on the hunt for a video in my finder when I came across my Easter trip last year at my cousins with all my family. I just started smiling half way through it because my Grandma who just passed away on 4-7-09 is in it and listening and watching her are such good last memories. When I heard her calling my name and just seeing her smile the whole way through was such a good feeling and I felt entirely lucky to have this little clip of her talking to me. It's comforting. I miss her. I hope any of my family who reads this finds the same comfort and happiness I found in this video. 

I could stare at her forever


How could you not? 

buyers remorse on losing ticket

Who doesn't love a sale on donuts? I wanted to buy it but spent my money on a dumb losing lottery ticket. I am a loser today. 

Lia melts hearts

LIA. This is my cuteness of a dog. She is the best little dog ever. I call her Falcor. Falcor is cute in its own little way. See the resemblance? 


A beautiful place


Living in the bay area is so amazing. I take walks here in Tiburon with Lia and all I see is this. I like hiking here because there are generally few people and it is completely peaceful.  



I was introduced to this website by my cousin and I have been hooked on it. Environmental Working Group (EWG) is the company that runs the site and I am sure that most companies dislike their research which I can't say is legit but I believe it is. People think that just because a company labels a product as "natural" & "organic" that the product is good and safe to use. These are just words and anyone can advertise with them. I believe using local products with ingredients you can understand and that are simple. You can usually find these at your local health food store. My friends mom has a skincare line sold at Whole Foods Market and she is so passionate about natural ingredients and finding the best ingredients that are safe and all made by her. Not to say that I don't use products made in factories or with big names, I do. I have found that the only problem with not using a toxic product is that you end up using a product that is not as effective. For example, I use Proactiv and for some reason that product is not on EWG site but I am 99% sure that the ingredients are probably deadly. But the thing is, the products on the site for skin cleansers with low toxic levels suck and I will end up with a zit patches everywhere. 
Don't be fooled that just because 1 brand like Dove has a specific product that gets a low rating that all of Doves products are good. You will be surprised as to why I posted specific brand products in the pictures below. 
Here are SOME of my choices on low toxic level products according to EWG (the rest I have yet to find): 

I am satisified with this switch but word on the website is that Nuetrogena Sensitive Skin Sunscreen 60 SPF is a good one too. Sunscreens are so bad for you! Don't trust the big major names when it comes to sunscreens. 

I had to retire my Nars blush for Smashbox :( I like it but it doesn't work as well as powder however, you can use it as a lip and cheek 2-in-1

Yay, finally a product that I already use and you can get it at Costco in the double pack!

Cuticle cream is awesome for dry cuticles or dry patches on your skin! I take this everywhere. 
I love this eye makeup remover! I really don't wear a lot of eye makeup so this works best for me. I love that it is oil free I really hate that feeling on my skin with oil base ones. This ones cool because they are individual cloths, I bet that builds up pillows in the landfill. 

Trust me, you get used to the taste of this toothpaste and then you will never go back to Colgate! It makes bubbles unlike most natural toothpastes which leave you brushing to your saliva.  

I have yet to find shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, or any other cosmetic products I use.  

Home made clam chowder easy as 1-2-3

I was craving clam chowder one night and remembered my mom taught me how to make it once. It really only takes few ingredients and its EASY:

-white or red potatoes will do maybe 3-4 depending on how much you like (chop in squares)
-flour (2 cups give or take)
-milk (2 cups give or take)
-heavy cream
-bacon (finely chopped)
-celery (chopped)
-onion (yellow, chopped)
-canned chopped or whole clams 
-parsley (for garnishing)
-salt and pepper

briefly, i just sauté the onions and celery first, add the bacon, put in potatoes and enough cold water to cover the water with some juice from the canned clams. After the potatoes are cooked you add 2 cups of milk and 2 cups of cream (depending how much you want to make) 2 heaping scoops of flour (whisk the milk and flour and cream first in a separate bowl so their are no flour chunks), add the clams at the very end since they are already cooked, add salt and pepper as needed. 
Remember, you can always add flour if you like it thicker just make sure to always add a little milk to the flour and stir separately. 


Salted Caramel ice cream from Bi Rite is my new favorite ice cream, EVER. This ice cream changed my life. Ice cream epiphanies really only come around once, maybe twice every century in ones life. I was lucky to get hit with one in my twenties while I can still eat a lot of it and not get fat. Back to this amazing brand... I would imagine you could get the ice cream at their store across the street on 18th in SF but who knows... I try to stay out of that neighborhood because the parking is a bitch. I keep getting off topic - so this ice cream is amazing it is slightly salted and the caramel isn't the usual rich caramel which makes it easier to eat the whole pint to yourself in the car immediately after buying. My friend Allison loves eating it with bacon. Keep your mind open!
I am not a huge hot popcorn fan but I love to snack on TJ's popcorn with olive oil. Something about the consistency of each popcorn is amazing, airy, and tasty. You can almost taste this roasted olive oil taste. I am totally hyping up this popcorn like its the next best thing since sliced bread.  

Doggy lovers!

I always wanted a dog when I was little but my parents never approved. It was probably better I didn't get one because I have the best little dog now! I always like telling people what I feed her just because I have heard so much about what people are giving their dogs. I have heard the arguments with kibble vs. cans and "commerical" vs. homemade. Everyones an expert, right? I started off giving Lia kibble (Canidae) because that was what the breeder fed her. I noticed over time she wasn't excited to eat and it was always a fight trying to get her to eat the kibble. I switched over to "Blue Buffalo Puppy Formula" which was ok but I really didn't like the idea of her just eating kibble again. I finally found a food that she goes crazy over just when she sees the box and eats it all in 2.2. I have been feeding Lia "The Honest Kitchen" for a few months now and she loves it! It is dehydrated food and the ingredients are simple and it is always a hot meal because you have to mix the food with hot water. Check out the website, they have samples http://www.thehonestkitchen.com 

PF Flyers

I am really into my PF Flyers right now. I have been tired of wearing flip flops around because I constantly have to update my pedicures so rocking the Flyers have been a vacation. I have them in this beige color but I really like the new colors they have out. They are like Converse but way cuter on and SO COMFORTABLE. Plus the price point is pretty reasonable. I really like the "Cousy Hi" ones too- they are all awesome. 


Grilly's is in Mill Valley and it is pretty much over priced Mexican food. I like eating here because I am obsessed with this simple salad in a box. The secret of course is the dressing. The salad is $8 and is packed in there with a lot of salad and chicken. Most places skimp out but for this price you pretty much get what you paid for. I don't recommend anything else here really...maybe the grilled chicken burrito because their chicken is pretty much awesome but everything here is way overpriced. 
If you are in MV and you want a quick salad or burrito stop here before you enter the town of botox baby famers.  


Suzu is my favorite place for ramen! I am so hungry just thinking about it right now. People usually tend to think of ramen as the packaged ramen noodles but this is no packaged ramen. Suzu has a variety of ramen flavors and dishes. I always get the same ramen, the Spicy Negi Ramen, I love the spices! 

I also just discovered the appetizers (I am usually kind of cheap and skip these and then eat really fast to feel more full). The fried chicken, I forgot how to spell it, is really good dipped in the sauce from this tofu appetizer. I have posted the pictures of all of it so you can see how good it looks. 

The things I love about Suzu: located in a mall and  there is a good crepe place upstairs, an awesome bakery upstairs that sells cream puffs, FUKU sushi (I have never eaten here but the name is appealing), the parking garage is cheap and so clean. 
The things I dislike about Suzu: not open on Tuesdays, it is always so packed you have to get there early, they do not do takeout!!!! 
All in all, everyone should try Suzu because its healthy. It is 100% organic noodles and its all vegan. I am lying, it isn't.